Lucy's educational background:

1974: Master's degree in Social Work, Jane Addams School of Social Work, University of Illinois

1970: Bachelor's degree in Sociology, from Illinois State University, Minor in History

2008: California Child Development Permit, Associate Teacher

2008: Accredited Child Care Provider; accredited by the National Association for Family Child Care

Lucy has taken the following classes, seminars and workshops related to child care:


Practicum course at Solano Community College.  This class is the student teaching equivalent for those who work with infants, toddlers and preschoolers. The semester long class met twice a week, during the day, which meant I had to have an assistant care for the children while I was in class. This course will allow me to qualify for a much higher permit:Site Supervisor.



Integrating Academics into Play, May, 2010

A 5 hour class on how to teach infants, toddlers and preschoolers through structured play activities.

Science workshop, May, 2010

3 hour training on how to teach science to young children.

Ages and Stages Questionairre; Peaks, Valleys and Plateaus of Child Development (2 part training - 4 hours on 2 Saturday monrings) January, 2010



Financial Management of Family ChildCare, October, 2009

23rd Annual Early Childhood Education Conference at Solano College

The Resourceful Teacher, August, 2009

How to use everyday items to enhance your child care environment.

Creative Curriculum Training for Family Child Care, August, 2009

Understanding how to design curriculum for infants and toddlers.



Nutrition, November, 2008 

Training about the nutritional requirements for children. 

Asthma, November, 2008

Workshop discussing triggers for asthma episodes.

Disaster Preparedness, September, 2008

Red Cross training on how to cope with a disaster, as a child care provider.

Everyday Math, August, 2008

Ideas on how to integrate math into most daily activities in a child care home.  

Arts and Crafts Curriculum Development, May, 2008

Three hour workshop presented by Solano Family and Children Services

California Association of Family Child Care, annual conference, April 2008

Attended 2 day conference and was a presenter. Topic for presentation was: "Physical Space, How Child Care Providers Can Make the Most of Their Space "


Lucy completed the following classes at Solano Community College, in the Fall of 2007, earning an A in each:

1. Curriculum Development (.5 units),

2. Early Childhood Education Staff Supervision (3 units)


Understanding Children with Challenging Behavior

This 6 hour workshop, on 2 successive Saturdays, provided information on internal and external factors contributing to challenging behavior. Strategies and tools to effectively deal with such behaviors were discussed.

The Dynamic Development of a Child's Brain: the Role of Nature and Nuture, February

This workshop examined the neurodevelopment of young children and explored how brain development is affected, and altered, as a result of the environment.

For Caregivers Who Love to Read Books to Children, February

Presented by Fairfield Library; focused on reading to children from 0 to 2 years old. Latest research in early brain development was presented, along with tried and true strategies for reading aloud.


Lucy completed the following classes at Solano Community College, in the Fall semester of 2006, earning 7 credits:

1. Caring for Infants and Toddlers (3 units, received an A),

2. Curriculum Development (.5 units, received an A),

3. Early Childhood Administration (3 units, received an A), and

4. Marketing your Small Business (.5 units, class on Pass/Fail, received a Pass).

Arts and Crafts
, May

Providers shared ideas for arts and crafts projects and how to teach them to children.


Curriculum for Infants and Toddlers, April

Ideas for daily activities for babies and toddlers in child care.

Family Day Care Rating Scale, March

Providers who took this class learned how to understand the developmental needs of children in their care, and how to set up a safe, stimulating and supportive environment for them. Using the rating scale, Little Pals Child Care average score, for all 6 categories and all 40 items, was 6.8 out of 7.


Early Childhood Education Social Emotional Development and Classroom Management, October

Understanding emotional development, its connection with social skill development and how these things can be managed within a group.

Early Childhood Education Exploring Language and Literacy, October

Understanding the connection between language development and literacy.

Infant and Toddler Development and Activities, June

Workshop covered: ages and stages of young children, selecting books for infants, scheduling your infants and toddlers, offering developmentally appropriate activities for young children, and providing quality care in your family childcare home.


Newborn Care, February

Class presented at Northbay Medical Center, primary focus on physical, emotional and mental milestones of infants and how to provide care.

Taxes and Bookkeeping for Family Child Care, January

Topics covered: family child care tax responsibilities, tax categories, time/space categories, basic record keeping ideas and preparing for tax time.


Nutrition Education for Child Care Providers, July

This class covered: food pyramid guidelines, suggestions for healthy meals and snack menus, proper portion sizes, strategies for mealtime dilemmas, appropriate eating/feeding behaviors for caregivers and children.

Preventative Health Practices, June

This class covered universal precautions, environmental sanitation, identification of common childhood illnesses, health policies, air and water quality, role of the child care provider, injury and child abuse prevention.

Business Practices and Contracts, January