At long last, this very important section is getting started! As most of you already know, the wonderful world of the World Wide Web can be tremendously useful! Both of my daughters are in their mid-twenties now, so I missed having the wealth of information offered by the Internet, at my fingertips. I am positive that in my quest to be the very best parent, I would have worn out at least one keyboard!

I know of no parent who doesn't want more ideas about parenting, or confirmation that what they're doing is what they should be doing. People with children rarely assume they know all there is to know about these little, and often demanding, people. Most parents who have home computers have surfed the Internet for ideas, guidance and support. For those of you who have favorite sites, you may see some of them here. If not, I encourage you to send me an email, with the URL of the web site(s) you find yourself returning to, regularly.

Below are just a few links, with a bit of commentary, to sites you may find worthwhile in your parenting journey:

1. childcare [broken link, was] This site has some good information, especially about infants and the importance of reading to them. However, don't expect to find their page on childcare providers to be particularly useful, unless you're planning to move to Alaska!

2. reading This link will bring up the National Center for Family Literacy, again, this emphasizes the importance of reading, starting when your child is born.

3. assorted health tips This site has interesting ideas about all sorts of health issues.

4. pampers While I'm not at all crazy about promoting such a commercial web site, I'm listing it here because they have quite a number of useful areas, such as child safety, nutrition, discipline and other child related matters. Just ignore all of the ads.

5. more health suggestions This too takes you to a very commercialized site, but they have advice, written by pediatricians, so it looks good.

6. sleep If you have questions or concerns about infant and toddler sleep habits, this page may give you some answers.

7. sudden infant death syndrome

more to come...